Ulysses Syndrome. The immigrant syndrome of chronic and multiple stress

Ulysses Syndrome - Joseba Achotegui


Emigrating is becoming today for millions of people in a process that has such intense levels of stress that they overcome the ability of human beings to adapt. These people suffer the risk of suffering from the immigrant syndrome with chronic and multiple stress or Ulysses syndrome, mentioning the Greek hero who suffered innumerable adversities and dangers far from his loved ones. The migrations of the new millennium that begins remind us more and more the old texts of Homer… when Ulysses tells the Cyclops Polyphemus that his name is nobody. If you have to be nobody to survive, you have to be permanently invisible, there will be no identity, no self-esteem, no social integration and so there can be no mental health.

Title: Ulysses Syndrome. The immigrant syndrome of chronic and multiple stress.

Original title: Emigrar en el siglo XXI: estrés y duelo migratorio en el mundo de hoy – Síndrome de Ulises.

Author: Joseba Achotegui Loizate

ISBN: 9788461331116

Edition date: 01-01-2009

Publishing house: Ediciones El Mundo de la Mente

Binding Format: paperback

Number of pages: 184

Format: 16 x 22 cm

Languages: English, Spanish

Edition: 2