12 specific characteristics of migratory stress and grief

12 características específicas del estrés y el duelo migratorio - Joseba Achotegui


It is explained that migratory grief is different from other griefs, with 12 different characteristics being pointed out, as for example that in the mourning for the death of a loved one the beloved person disappears, in the migration no one disappears, but there is a separation from the country of origin, which is still there, interacting with the emigrant. And since that country of origin always remains behind, it causes migratory bereavement to be recurrent, prolonging the migrant’s entire life. It is also explained that another characteristic of migratory grief is that it is multiple, that in reality there are 7 duels, or that it is transgenerational, affecting also the children of immigrants, or that it modifies the identity, it occurs in a series of stages, etc.

Translated Title: 12 specific characteristics of stress and migratory grief

Original Title: 12 características específicas del estrés y el duelo migratorio

Author: Joseba Achotegui Loizate

ISBN: 9788461678822

Edition date: 01/01/2014

Publishing house: Ediciones El Mundo de la Mente

Binding Format: paperback

Number of pages: 133

Format: 20,50 cm x 13,50 cm

Language: Spanish