Conference “Migration and mental health in a globalised world”

Conference “Migration and mental health in a globalised world”

Conference “Migration and mental health in a globalised world”

27th March 2020 Postponed until further notice
Auditori CosmoCaixa
c/ d’Isaac Newton, 26, 08022 Barcelona


9.00h Accreditations

9.15h Opening

  • Valentí Farràs, Director of CosmoCaixa
  • Francesc Vilurbina, Director of Fundació Vidal i Barraquer
  • Josep Ballester, Secretary of GASIR (Grup d’Assistència als Immigrants i Refugiats)


9.45h Inaugural conference: “Challenges of mental health care for immigrants with mental disorder and Ulysses Syndrome in Asia.”

  • Yu Abe, Professor of Psychiatry at the University of Tokyo. Director of Tokyo Mental Health Care Center for Immigrants and Member of the World Association of Psychiatry and the Athena Network.

Moderador: Joseba Achotegui, Psychiatrist. Professor of Psychotherapy Techniques at the University of Barcelona.

11.00h Coffee break

11.30h Debate sobre el documental “Entre dos tierras”: los siete duelos de la migración en las nuevas migraciones de jóvenes autóctonos.

  • Javier Moreno Caballero, filmmaker, director of audiovisuals at Deutsche Bank in London.

Moderator: Víctor Cabré, Director of Department of Teaching of Fundació Vidal i Barraquer.

Note: The entire documentary will be screened at the Méliès Cinemas on the same day March 27 at 6:00 p.m.


12.30h Presentation of the Project of “Intercultural Community Intervention (ICI Project): Promoting coexistence in territories with cultural diversity”

  • Francesc Ventura, Director Interculturality and Social Cohesion Department. “La Caixa” Foundation The intervention in the field of community health – Experiences in the territories where the ICI Project is implemented.

Moderador: David Clusa, Director of the mental health service of the Sant Pere Claver Hospital Foundation


13.30h Conclusions of the day

  • Roser de la Torre, Psychologist and manager of the ICI Project, “la Caixa” Foundation
  • María Isabel Calvo, SAPPIR Psychiatrist
  • Alejandra Carrasco, SAPPIR social worker


13.45h Closure

  • Anna Terrón, Director of the International and Ibero-American Foundation of Public Administration and Policies
  • Lluís Mauri, Director of the Teaching and Research Institute of the Sant Pere Claver Health Foundation
  • Maria Jayme, Head of Studies, Faculty of Psychology, University of Barcelona
  • Delfí Cosialls, IMA and postIMA response coordinator. Barcelona Health Consortium




Jornada Cosmocaixa 2020